Sunday, 12 January 2014

More cajon drums.

After a very busy Christmas that wiped us out of stock we have been busy busy busy making more cajons.

The cajon drum shop workshop has been a hive of activity.

We have now got a new batch of our Flatpack cajons and some more our Two Tone Cajons in stock.

And there are more to come.

New for 2014

We are also working on a number of new models and innovations.

The Castajon: We are working on a cajon with castanets built into the top corners.

The Double Bass Cajon: Using the cajon as a sound chamber and attaching a handmade bass guitar neck. 

Color choice: We are also introducing a new range of stains and finishes for our Snare and Flamenco cajons.

So keep an eye out for them. Join our facebook page and get the latest on all of the cajon activity going on in The Cajon Drum Shop.


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